October 17, 2016

350.org on Exxon’s request to invalidate New York investigation: “same strategy as Big Tobacco: delay and deceit”

NEW YORK, NY — In response to the news that ExxonMobil is asking a federal court to invalidate New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s important investigation, Jamie Henn, 350.org Communications Director, issued the following statement:

“It’s the same strategy as Big Tobacco: delay and deceit. Exxon has hired an army of lawyers to try and distract from the real story here: that they lied about their knowledge of climate change for decades. Exxon’s filing leaves out the fact that they have spent millions of dollars funding misinformation campaigns, faux think tanks, and the elections of climate deniers. They’re reacting this way because they know the stakes of this investigation are enormous. If Exxon is finally held accountable for the damage they’ve done to our climate, the penalties would be practically unfathomable. This move will only add momentum to the broader Exxon Knew campaign.”