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August 1, 2020

Granite Bridge Pipeline Dropped After Pressure from Grassroots Organizers

For 2.5 years, 350 New Hampshire has been organizing to stop Liberty Utilities’ proposed Granite Bridge Pipeline and tank. 

DOVER, NH — In the past few weeks, several pipelines across the country have been denied or ordered to shut down, from the Dakota Access pipeline to the proposed Williams pipeline in New York. Yesterday, 350 New Hampshire staff and volunteers are excited to hear that the Granite Bridge fracked gas pipeline and tank will not be built through our Southern New Hampshire community

“I am thankful that there won’t be fracked methane gas infrastructure in my backyard of Raymond,” says Jennifer Dube, Pipeline Resistance Organizer with 350NH. “It is time for New Hampshire to invest in clean, local energy that will keep jobs and dollars in New Hampshire and grow our state’s economy. Every single thing the grassroots organizers and volunteers in our communities did made a difference, and we would not be celebrating this victory if it weren’t for them.”

In 2017 when the project was proposed, 350NH took on a campaign to stop the Granite Bridge pipeline, despite community members and politicians telling us that the campaign would be a waste of time-that it was a done deal. Now, nearly three years later, our grassroots community organizing has forcedLiberty Utilities to abandon the project. New fracked gas infrastructure is dangerous and unnecessary and won’t go unchallenged in our New Hampshire community.

No one knows this better than Joe Perry, a community member of Epping and a part of the group “Citizens for Local Control” who has worked alongside 350NH to oppose the LNG storage tank that was proposed to be built in Epping. 

I want to thank everyone who helped us fight against this project.  For over three years our group Citizens for Local Control spent their own personal time and money to save our community and beat a billion-dollar corporation. I can’t express how happy I am and want to personally thank everyone in my group here in Epping, as well as 350NH and ECHO Action.  This is a great day for our town and New Hampshire,” Joe Perry – Citizens for Local Control.

The organizers running this campaign have sent a clear message to the fossil fuel industry: they cannot propose new fossil fuel infrastructure in New Hampshire on our watch. With the Granite Bridge pipeline dead, it is time to stop burning coal in New Hampshire and invest in renewable energy in order to save the health of our communities and our planet. 

“Fossil fuels are never the only option,” says Kai Parlett, from the 350NH Youth Team. “We won this fight, but there is so much more we need to do locally, nationally, and even globally to combat the climate crisis. We’re just getting started.”


CONTACT: Rebecca Beaulieu, Communications Director, 350NH, [email protected], 978-491-7511



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