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Freeze New Fossil Fuel Development

Governments meeting at the next climate conference must put their Paris pledges into action -- and action means no more room for new fossil fuel projects.
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To win on climate change, we need to protect Environmental Defenders

Every year, hundreds of people around the world are killed and thousands more are intimidated and threatened for defending the environment from exploitation. At a time when governments need to be taking decisive action to meet basic climate change targets, and to enact a more sustainable development (as per the Sustainable Development Goals), we’re seeing... (More...)
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UCC and 350.org announce partnership

Written by Connie Larkman, Managing Editor & News Director at United Church of Christ  (Originally published on the UCC.org website) Building on the momentum of the People’s Climate March, the United Church of Christ is endeavoring to build a partnership centered on climate justice with the like-minded people of 350.org. That framework, a pilot project... (More...)
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The Science of 350

Find out what 350ppm means and why we need a global movement to get the planet on a path back to below 350.
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Climate Movement Videos

Check out some of the amazing videos profiling the growth of the global climate movement.
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