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Freeze New Fossil Fuel Development

Governments meeting at the next climate conference must put their Paris pledges into action -- and action means no more room for new fossil fuel projects.
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Lessons on finding steady ground:

Today, we want to share something different: these are resources that the 350 team have found helpful to stay committed to this movement for the long haul. Donald Trump’s administration is a threat to people everywhere — but people everywhere are standing up to resist him. Thank you to each of the millions of people who’ve marched, called representatives, risked... (More...)
North America

Coal: A global struggle against local impacts

I just got back home after spending two weeks with our 350 teams in Indonesia and Japan (and connecting with the Divest East Asia Network). The trip was a tremendous learning experience and left me with a sense of resolve and optimism given the importance of the fight and the foundation that is being laid... (More...)
Coal East Asia

Trump won’t build Dakota Access Without a Fight

On Wednesday, February 8, thousands of people took to the streets after the Army Corps of Engineers announced its plans to approve the final easement for the Dakota Access pipeline and throw out the environmental review process started by the Obama Administration. Emergency rallies in D.C., New York, San Francisco, Denver, Columbus and beyond sent a... (More...)
Keep It In The Ground North America

The Science of 350

Find out what 350ppm means and why we need a global movement to get the planet on a path back to below 350.
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Climate Movement Videos

Check out some of the amazing videos profiling the growth of the global climate movement.
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