August 30, 2016

Protests a Product of Canada’s Ongoing Broken Pipeline Reviews

Winnipeg, MB – In reaction to increasing and expanding pipeline controversy across Canada, particularly in relation to the Energy East and Kinder Morgan pipelines, Clayton Thomas-Muller, Stop-it-at-the-Source Campaigner with, issued this statement.

“When we’re seeing people shut down National Energy Board Energy East hearings in Montreal and over 400 people overflow into Kinder Morgan consultations in Vancouver, the bottom line is simple — Canada can’t continue to pretend to review fossil fuel infrastructure without taking a real account of the climate impacts, community concerns and the impact on Indigenous peoples. If Prime Minister Trudeau will find himself on the wrong side of the climate movement if he ignores scientists telling us Canada can’t build pipelines and still meet our climate targets, and Indigenous peoples in staunch opposition to pipelines that would endanger their lands and water.”



Cameron Fenton

[email protected]