September 19, 2019

The Strikes Have Started, Solomon Islands Kicks Off Global Movement for Climate

Western Province, Solomon Is – ‘The effects of global warming with very clear evidence in Chubikobi Village and other islands in Marovo Lagoon, is the washing away of the coast or shorelines due to sea level rise.’ 

These were the spoken words of Tanisa Boti, a 12 year old student of Chubikobi Primary School in the Western Province, Solomon Islands at an event organised by the Pacific Climate Warriors, which officially sets the wheels in motion for the biggest climate mobilisation the world has ever witnessed.

“The climate crisis does not discriminate, because it is a threat to all of us. The impacts we are witnessing in our everyday lives don’t affect certain members of our community – it affects everyone,” shared Silas Savara, a Pacific Climate Warrior based in the Solomon Islands. 

“It is for that very reason that this community in the Solomon Islands have chosen to hold their event today, one day earlier, to enable members of the Seventh Day Adventist Faith to participate without disrespecting their obligations to observe their Sabbath, which falls on Friday 20 September.”

With increasing temperatures, rainfall and sea levels, especially in the vulnerable Western Province, food security will be a major issue in time to come. Staple root crop, taro, is dying due to the high salinity of the swamp and sandy soil, posing even greater threats to survival linked to health and nutrition, for this already isolated community.

More than 100 students gathered to hear 12 students participate in an oratory contest, sharing their concerns about the climate crisis and the actions they hope to see being taken at the upcoming United Nations Secretary General’s (UNSG) Global Climate Action Summit in New York on 23 September. Parents, teachers and community elders also supported the event. 

“The concept of ‘strikes for climate’ is different for us here in the Pacific,” said Joseph-Zane Sikulu, Pacific Regional Campaign Specialist for

“We stand in solidarity with the global community of strikers by sharing our frontline truths in a way that resonates with Pacific Island people – through music, folklore, traditional dances, art, story-telling and community-building activities.”

“The Pacific Climate Warriors have organised 30 events in 14 countries to support the Global Climate Strikes, from the Republic of the Marshall Islands to New Zealand – with the strong message that although the Pacific region contributes the least towards global carbon emissions, we will continue to demand for a reduction by those responsible for it because it is a matter of survival for everyone – not just the Pacific.”


About the Pacific Climate Warriors

The Pacific Climate Warriors is a network of dynamic, young volunteers across the Pacific, who have stepped up, armed with the purpose of seeing an end to the dirty fossil-fuel industry and driving collective change towards the adoption of renewable energy alternatives.

 Active in 15 of the Pacific Island countries, with additional representatives in diaspora communities across Australia, New Zealand and the United States, they have a unique approach of empowering young people to understand the issue of the climate crisis and to take action to protect and enrich Pacific  islands, cultures, and oceans. One of the most unique elements of their campaigns is the narrative which illustrates that Pacific Islands will not go down without a fight. Their slogan “We are not drowning, we are fighting” rings true for all the volunteers who have joined the movement since inception more than 5 years ago. 

They know they cannot deliver this project on their own. They don’t have big bank accounts, big funders, or big email lists. That’s why They’re asking the international community to continue to stand in support with the Pacific Climate Warriors.

 What they do have is a network of courageous young Pacific Islanders – from Niue to Tuvalu – that have been learning new skills and campaign tactics to take on the challenge of achieving global action on climate change – the future of our islands depend on it. 

 In the lead up to the UNSG’s Global Climate Action Summit, the Pacific Climate Warriors are organising events to amplify their narratives and experiences related to the adversities they face in the climate crisis. Find out how you can join and support the events HERE.

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