July 29th 2021

Over 40 actions in communities across Canada to demand emergency-level response to the climate crisis. Dozens of MPs and federal election candidates accepted our demands for a fossil fuel moratorium and a Just Transition.



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The Story


On July 29th, 2021, with climate catastrophes erupting all around us, hundreds of people from coast to coast visited over 40 MP offices across the country and called on them to take emergency-level action on the climate emergency by stopping fossil fuel expansion and delivering Just Transition legislation. 

Media outlets across the country took notice and over a dozen MPs and candidates for the upcoming election agreed to pledge to do everything in their power to support our demands — including Liberal MPs Julie Dzerowicz and Ryan Turnbull.

But, there’s still so much work ahead of us. The majority of MPs who received a visit from their constituents yesterday refused to pledge to champion real action on the climate emergency. That’s unacceptable.

Wildfires are blazing through the country, heatwaves are hitting Western Canada once again, communities are still recovering from major climate-catastrophes, and our politicians still refuse to do what it takes to act on the climate emergency. We keep hearing that Trudeau could call the election as early as the first week of August. That means we need to be ready.

We can change the status quo of political inaction on the climate emergency by electing courageous climate champions who are willing to do what it takes to tackle the climate crisis. This election could be our best chance to elect those champions before it’s too late.


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Action Map

There were 40+ actions in communities across the country. Here’s the full map. We need to keep the pressure up. If you missed the day of action and want to plan something in your community, check out our. action planning toolkit.

Mass Action call about July 29th National Day of Action

On July 22, over 300 people joined us for an Emergency Call on the Climate Emergency where we introduced our plan for a National Day of Action on July 29th. If you missed it, check out the recording below:

Sign the petition

Canada's on fire. Act like it!

Unprecedented heatwaves and devastating wildfires are sweeping the country. Canada is on fire because of the climate crisis. We cannot allow this to become the new normal. With enough courage from our political leaders, we can change course. But it will mean accelerating Canada's transition off fossil fuels. Tell all federal party leaders to act now.

Dear Federal Party Leaders, Canada is on fire -- act like it.

Canada's on fire. I'm calling on you to respond to this crisis with emergency-level climate action that delivers two things:

1. An immediate moratorium on new fossil fuel approvals and a freeze on all fossil fuel projects under construction -- including the Trans Mountain pipeline. 

2. Just Transition legislation to support impacted workers and communities, especially Indigenous and remote communities as we move towards a 100% renewable energy future. 


Dear Federal Party Leaders, Canada is on fire -- act like it.

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How has Prime Minister Trudeau failed to act on the climate crisis?

Trudeau has taken some action on climate change but it’s nowhere near the scale required. Most notably, Trudeau continues to support the expansion of the fossil fuel industry and continues to give Big Oil billions of dollars in subsidies. Trudeau also hasn’t reduced emissions. His Climate Accountability Legislation sets climate targets that are far below what experts say is Canada’s fair share. He’s broken his promise to deliver a Just Transition Act, and his government has spent billions on subsidies for Big Oil and bought a pipeline that Canada’s own federal agencies say is incompatible with climate action. Basically, Trudeau’s approach to climate action is like building half of a bridge. It’s something, but it’s not getting you where you need to go.

What is Just Transition legislation?

During the 2019 election, Prime Minister Trudeau promised to introduce a Just Transition Act, “ensuring that workers have access to the training and support they need to succeed in the new clean economy.” Then, his government was silent about this critical legislation for almost 2 years until July 20th 2021 when Natural Resources Minister O’Regan announced that the federal government has begun a new consultative process to draft their Just Transition Plan.

This is huge news. And it’s all thanks to the tens of thousands of people who spoke up and took action to demand a Just Transition Act. Learn more about the mass movement for a Just Transition Act here. 

But, even though this was a welcome announcement, it’s nowhere close to the scale of action we need in this moment.

Workers can’t keep waiting for help with the transition. They need action now. When we do finally see this legislation, it needs to be fair, equitable, and put people first, especially those people, workers, and communities most impacted by the fossil fuel economy. Putting a Just Transition into law is just one step on the road to a full-scale, made-in-Canada Green New Deal that transforms our economy to tackle the climate crisis.