June 28th Day of Action

30+ communities across Canada took action to demand an immediate end to fossil fuel subsidies and a just transition to 100% renewable energy.


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Photo by Allie Rougeot

This is just the beginning. We have big plans to keep the heat on our federal leaders in the weeks and months ahead.

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It’s only June, and Canada’s already expecting the worst wildfire season on record. Major wildfires are sweeping through nearly every province and territory. Thousands have been evacuated. And tens of millions experienced dangerously toxic smoke-filled air. In Trudeau’s own words, “Canada is burning” but his government is still failing to do even the bare minimum when it comes to climate action.


We know why fires are raging and the air is unbreathable. It’s time for our federal leaders to stop fuelling the flames of climate chaos.


That’s why we’re rising up to demand that our federal leaders:

  1. Stop the fossil fuel industry: An immediate end to subsidies, hard caps for oil and gas emissions, no new projects, and no more industry influence over our politics.
  2. Enact a Just Transition: Urgently shift us to 100% renewable energy while generating millions of unionized jobs, following Indigenous leadership, and rapidly decarbonizing in line with climate science.

30+ communities took action

On June 28th, as fires raged and smoke blanketed our skies, we are inviting communities across the country mobilized for a National Day of Action to demand that the federal government stop fuelling climate chaos. Together, we brought the heat to our federal leaders.

Action Map:

See the map of actions below.