November 6, 2023

1000+ Young Activists Kick Off Mass Solidarity and Climate March Across Asia


Asia ––  Across Asia, the weekend of November 3-4 saw thousands of climate activists kick off a global month of action in the lead-up to COP28 under the unifying banner of “Power Up”. Spanning multiple countries in the region, the movement rallied diverse communities to deliver a resounding message to Asian leaders: Phase out fossil fuels and implement a peaceful and equitable future powered by renewable energy for all.

Norly Mercado, Asia Regional Director of, warns: “We stand on the precipice of climate chaos in 2023, as our planet faces record-breaking heat waves, extreme weather events, and environmental devastation. Meanwhile, the fossil fuel industry prioritizes profit over consequences. ‘Power Up’ is our response—a call to action to reclaim power from those who put profit before the planet and its people.”

Led by, Power Up unites communities around shared indignation and optimism, envisioning a future with global access to energy, land, water, and security, as well as freedom from oppression. Amid climate concerns, record profits in the fossil fuel industry, and the exacerbation of violence and oppression worldwide, Power Up takes a prominent global stance emphasizing the disproportionate impact the climate crisis places on vulnerable communities who hold the least responsibility.

In Japan, over 800 activists gathered at Shinjuku Station, singing a climate song and marching around the national parliament building with an elemental parachute banner.

Similar scenes unfolded in Jakarta, Indonesia, where more than 100 activists filled the streets. The march aimed to harness momentum among constituents to urge candidates in the upcoming presidential election to prioritize environmental issues.

The march in Satkhira, Bangladesh was predominantly led by women demanding an end to financial support for and investment in fossil fuels in favor of practical climate solutions. The inclusion of young people with disabilities highlighted inclusivity and determination. Meanwhile, in the remote Chimbuk Village of Bandorban, a solar panel installation further emphasized commitment to sustainable energy solutions around the country.

At the same time, Taiwan hosted an outdoor climate parade “Back to the Future” in front of Taipei 101, where an estimated 200 activists urged governments to increase taxes on the fossil fuel industry.

In certain countries such as Mongolia, Nepal, the Philippines, and Indonesia, the movement is ongoing, with actions on November 3-4 marking just the beginning. The global “Power Up” month of action will continue until December 9, carrying demands for a renewable energy revolution to the COP28 climate talks in the United Arab Emirates.



Photos for Power Up action in Tokyo, Japan
Photos for Power Up action in Jakarta, Indonesia
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“The path to a sustainable future is illuminated by the diverse voices and experiences of women, who are indispensable in the fight for climate justice. Including women in the fight for climate justice is not just about equality; it’s about a greener, more just future for all.” –– Jannatul Mouwa, BINDU Nari Unnayan Sangathan, Bangladesh

“Through the Just Energy Transition Partnership, we’re putting people and the planet first, ensuring a fair transition to a low-carbon future. Indonesia’s unique position in the world necessitates a strong commitment to this transition. We call on our government to champion the cause and work with the fossil fuel industry to enact change. It’s time for a collective call for action to create a more sustainable and just energy system that prioritizes the wellbeing of our citizens and the environment.” –– Sisilia Nurmala Dewi, Indonesia Team Lead, 350 Indonesia

“Power Up is about taking the first step in realizing a future powered by the sun, the wind and the people. It is about urging financial institutions to divest from the fossil fuel industry and reinvest in a future fueled by renewable energy. This future isn’t just a possibility; it’s an attainable reality waiting to be unlocked if we come together to demand it from our leaders.” –– Chuck Baclagon, Regional Finance Campaigner, 350 Asia

“Climate change is exacting a heavy toll on vulnerable communities, including the ones in the Global South. The relentless cycle of extreme weather events, water scarcity, and displacement has left these communities struggling to survive. Fossil fuel industries and other relevant stakeholders must take the lead in transitioning to renewable energy sources to protect our planet, ensure a cleaner future, and create an equitable future for all.” –– Arati Poudel, Diego Bikas Institute, Nepal

“For a world that hungers for change, 350 stands at the forefront of a movement to demand a clean, peaceful, and equitable future for all. Together with our communities and partners, 350 envisions a world where the air we breathe is pure and where every person has the opportunity to flourish in a just and equitable society.” –– Amanullah Porag, South Asia Mobilization Coordinator, 350 Bangladesh



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