July 21, 2023

30+ Environment and Development Organisations Urge EU to Raise Renewable Energy Ambition Ahead of G20 Energy Ministerial

Friday, June 21st: Over 30 environment and development organizations have signed an open letter urging the European Commission to raise its ambitions on a global renewable energy target ahead of the G20 Energy Transition Ministerial taking place in Goa, India on June 22.

The G20 Energy ministerial is a pivotal moment to forge agreement for a global renewable energy target, which has been positioned as a centerpiece outcome of COP28 in Dubai in December. The largest economies are expected to send a strong signal for a global renewables target at their Energy Ministerial. However, analysis from think tanks and civil society shows that the European Union’s ambition for a global target for renewable energy deployment falls significantly short of what is needed to be in line with the Paris Agreement.

Analysis conducted by 350.org and its partners at Ember shows that the world needs to add1.5 Terawatt of renewable energy per year from 2030 onwards. However, the European Union promotes a target of only 1 Terawatt of Renewable Energy – significantly less than the petro state and COP28 host UAE.

A credible outcome at COP28 will not only need a strong renewable energy target, but also a decision to equitably phase out all fossil fuels – coal, oil, and gas.

Last week, the EU co-signed a High Ambition Coalition statement. The statement expresses commitment to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees, and for COP28 to chart a course towards an “urgent and just transition to renewables”, a climate resilient world, and climate justice for all. In their open letter, civil society organizations demand that the EU lives up to this commitment by significantly increasing its ambition for a global renewable energy target.

Andreas Sieber, Associate Director of Global Policy at 350.org says

It’s an unwelcome surprise to see the EU’s ambition for a global renewable target falls even behind the COP28 host UAE, a notorious petro-state. The EU’s current ambition for a global renewable target reflects a half-hearted attempt at addressing the existential threat of climate change. Together, we call on the EU to rise to the occasion, and increase its ambition for a global renewable target to power up a renewable energy revolution that empowers communities, protects biodiversity, and mitigates climate catastrophe.”