January 20, 2021

350 Canada Response to Keystone XL Cancellation

Toronto, ON / Edmonton, AB – Responding to Joe Biden’s anticipated order canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, Amara Possian, Canada Campaign Director with 350.org issued this statement.

“Today, Joe Biden did what Justin Trudeau has never had the courage to do – stand up to Big Oil and cancel a pipeline because it would make the climate crisis worse. Projects like Keystone XL and the Trans Mountain pipeline can’t be built if we plan to meet our climate goals and it’s past time that our government started taking that seriously. Trudeau needs to stop pushing Trans Mountain, respect Indigenous rights, pass bold climate legislation and deliver on the Just Transition Act that he promised to voters during the 2019 election campaign.”

Emma Jackson, 350.org’s Canada Field Organizer based in Edmonton, AB added  

“The shift away from fossil fuels is happening whether we like it or not. We can no longer afford to spend political and financial capital on pipelines that will provide no future for working people. In 2019, Justin Trudeau promised a Just Transition Act to help workers, but has barely mentioned it since. Instead of wasting time fighting for pipelines that, even if they are ever built, deliver few jobs, it’s time we got serious about having the backs of workers, families and communities through the move away from fossil fuels.”


More on the Just Transition Act can be found here.



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