June 8, 2017

350.org on Testimony from FBI Director James Comey on Trump Obstructing Justice

Washington, DC — Today, former FBI Director James Comey testified at a congressional hearing, nearly a month after he was abruptly fired by President Trump, about his exchanges with the President and his administration. Since Comey’s firing, a coalition of progressive organizations have been calling for Congress to impeach President Trump for obstructing justice amidst an investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 Presidential election and potential ties to Trump’s administration.

In response, 350.org US Campaigns Director Jenny Marienau gave the following statement:

“Any effort to use the powers of the presidency to interfere with or obstruct justice has major repercussions for the work of our movements. We stand by our partners and members of Congress who are calling for Trump’s impeachment. As a climate justice organization, we’ve seen this administration put the profit and greed of the rich and powerful over the safety and well-being of the people of this country again and again.

“From climate to immigration to health care and beyond, Trump’s reckless decisions are already impacting millions. We will continue to resist his disastrous agenda as long as he’s in office, and demand that he be held accountable for his actions. Any evidence that Trump obstructed justice must be taken seriously and dealt with as a fundamental abuse of power.”


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