January 20, 2017

350.org on Trump’s Energy Plan

Washington, DC — On the day of his inauguration, Donald Trump issued the “America First Energy Plan” on the White House website, which makes commitments to strip away policies aimed at curbing the climate crisis, including President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. The new administration also removed all mentions of climate change from the White House website.

In response, 350.org Executive Director May Boeve issued the following statement:

“Trump’s energy plan is par for the course of the President’s climate denial, but it’s nonetheless alarming for the movement to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Fulfilling this plan would not only set back years of progress we’ve made towards protecting the climate, but would undoubtedly worsen the devastating impacts of the climate crisis, from rising sea levels to extreme weather. This is not a plan for a brighter future — it’s a direct obstacle to a livable future, and we will do everything we can to resist it.”


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