November 22, 2016 Reacts to Trump’s “Open Mind” On Climate Accord

Brooklyn, NY — Executive Director May Boeve issued the following response to Trump’s comments to the New York Times that he thinks there is “some connectivity” between human activity and climate change and that he’s keeping an “open mind” on the Paris Accord:

“Actions speak louder than words. As long as Trump has a climate change denier like Myron Ebell running his transition team, you know this is all a bunch of empty rhetoric. If Trump is changing his tune, maybe it’s because he’s realized that far more Americans support climate action than voted for him in this election. The public is clamoring for a renewable energy economy that will create millions of jobs while saving our planet. Instead of delivering, Trump is going on about fantasies like ‘clean coal’ and flip-flopping around on whether there’s ‘some connectivity’ between humans and climate change. The President-elect needs to get up to speed, and fast.”

Recent polling shows that 8 in 10 Americans support the United States meeting its climate commitments under the Paris Agreement even if other countries don’t take action. is currently running a campaign to stop Trump from appointing Myron Ebell as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Last night, and partners at the Sierra Club and projected giant images and text on the front of EPA headquarters in Washington, DC calling on Trump not to appoint a climate denier to run the agency.