February 25, 2021

350.org Responds to Announcement of Canada’s Net-Zero Advisory Panel

Toronto, ON – Responding to the release of the names of members of Canada’s first Net-Zero Advisory Panel, Amara Possian, Canada Campaigns Director with 350.org issued this statement. 

“Thousands of people wrote to this government to demand they ban fossil fuel CEOs and lobbyists from this panel, and this initial slate of advisors doesn’t include a single representative from Shell, Suncor or any of the big fossil fuel companies that have undermined climate action in Canada. 

That’s good news, but it’s only a start. Meeting Canada’s climate obligations means stronger targets, rapidly moving away from fossil fuels, safeguards for Indigenous rights and making sure that no one is left behind by passing policies like the Just Transition Act that Justin Trudeau promised in 2019 and has yet to deliver.” 


Contact: Cam Fenton, [email protected], 604-369-2155