December 7, 2015 Responds to Canada Committing to 1.5ºC Climate Ceiling

In response to confirmation that Canada had joined nations and social movements calling on the United Nations climate talks in Paris to commit to a 1.5ºC ceiling on climate warming Clayton Thomas Muller, Stop it at the Source campaigner with issued this statement:

“Canada’s support for 1.5ºC and Indigenous rights in the Paris climate deal is amazing because of what it should mean at home – no new tar sands pipelines being built, respecting the rights of Indigenous communities to say no to extraction in their territories and a justice based transition to a 100% clean and renewable energy economy. Unfortunately, I’m skeptical about these commitments actually playing out in policy at home, especially while Canada is allowing the reviews of the Energy East and Kinder Morgan Trans-Mountain pipelines to move forward without any consideration of climate change. It’s clear that Canada’s new government can talk like a climate leader, now it’s time for them to act like one and freeze tar sands expansion.”


Contact in Paris:  Clayton Thomas-Muller, [email protected], 1-613-297-7515

Contact in Canada: Cameron Fenton, [email protected], 1-604-369-2155