April 29, 2019

350.org Responds to NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s Support for a Made-In-Canada Green New Deal

Ottawa, ON – In response to Jagmeet Singh expressing his plan to roll out a made-in-Canada version of a Green New Deal as part of the NDP’s 2019 election platform, Katie Perfitt, Canada National Organizer with 350.org issued this statement:

“Climate change is here, and the scale of it is clear in the rising waters across Eastern Canada. We need a climate plan that meets that scale, and takes care of people and communities, that’s why we’re excited to hear that Jagmeet Singh will be announcing the NDP’s plan for a made-in-Canada Green New Deal.

To meet the scale that science and justice demand, it’s going to need to listen to the best available science that tells us we need to cut our emissions in half in a decade and stop approving new fossil fuel projects. It will need to create millions of good jobs through a historic economic mobilization that enshrines dignity, justice, and equity for all, ensuring climate solutions are solutions that lift up all communities and reflect the reality that frontline, marginalized and Indigenous communities are bearing the brunt of fossil fuel and climate impacts. And it will need to work in service of real reconciliation — respecting the rights, title and sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples.

The rivers are rising, and so are we. This fall will be the climate change election, and we hope every politician has a plan for a Green New Deal for Canada that creates good jobs and ensures a liveable future for all.”



Cameron Fenton

[email protected]