September 21, 2018 Responds to New TransMountain NEB Review

In response to today’s announcement of a new, 22-week National Energy Board review of the TransMountain pipeline, Clayton Thomas-Muller, Stop-it-at-the-Source campaigner with issued this statement:

“Justin Trudeau can’t pledge that the TransMountain pipeline will get built, then expect anyone to take whatever reviews or consultation his government announces seriously. It’s not a review, and it sure as hell isn’t real consultation, if you’ve already decided on the answer.

When Justin Trudeau broke his promise to redo Stephen Harper’s broken pipeline reviews, the Federal Court of Appeal upheld that promise, what we’re seeing today is just the same mistakes being made all over again. If Trudeau uses this same approach to redoing Indigenous consultation, instead of respecting the standard of Free Prior and Informed Consent his government agreed to when they endorsed the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, absolutely nothing is going to change”.


Contact: Cameron Fenton, [email protected], 604-369-2155