May 24, 2022 responds to UK Government announcing energy price cap rise

London, UK – Today the UK government announced that the energy price cap is set to rise by another £830 in October in a move that will financially devastate many UK households. The last cap rise in April pushed 2.5 million families into fuel poverty. We demand urgent government action to avoid millions more people being forced to choose between heating and eating. Oil giants like Shell and BP are recording record profits as energy prices soar. The UK government has to choose between the welfare of British communities or securing massive profits for a handful of wealthy shareholders.

Tommy Vickerstaff, lead UK campaigner at

“The additional price rise announced today would be devastating for the UK public. The last rise plunged 2.5 million families into poverty, joining 2.5 million who were already there. We need to see immediate intervention from the UK government in the form of a windfall tax on oil and gas profits. Shell and BP’s billions of pounds in record excess profits could and should be used to directly support the millions of families struggling to cope with staggering increases to energy bills. It’s a no brainer. While it is positive to see some movement on a windfall tax the Conservative government has really dragged their heels on this issue and we’re still failing to see what is needed.

Without broader intervention and a drastic rethink of our energy system, this crisis is set to happen on repeat. Instead of an expansion of oil and gas, we need investment in reliable and sustainable long-term energy solutions and a massive programme of housing insulation to ensure families are protected. As long as the government hesitates to take meaningful action, they are condemning huge numbers of people to a choice between heating and eating this winter and many will die making that choice.”


Media contact: Mark Raven, [email protected]