June 8, 2023

350.org responds to wildfires raging across North America

Smoke from Canadian wildfires drifted south, blanketing cities in thick, yellow haze along the US East Coast that has forced schools to close, canceled outdoor activities, and slowed airline traffic. Millions of US Americans have been urged to stay indoors.

 Jeff Ordower, North America Director 350.org: 

“Leaders like Biden are approving new fossil fuel projects at the same time as our air is unsafe to breathe. People all across Canada and the eastern US are having to stay inside their homes for days if they’re able, and if they’re not, especially for poor and working-class communities, they’re risking their health to get to work. The thing is, when this happens in NYC, it goes viral. We know that often isn’t the case when climate disasters strike other areas like the Global South, which is why we’re as committed as ever to pushing for a swift and just transition to renewable energy for all of us and making those responsible pay for the damages.” 

Andreas Sieber: Associate Director of Policy at 350.org said: 

“As the inferno of wildfires engulfs North America, diplomats hailing from all corners of the globe gather at the United Nations climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany, in anticipation of the forthcoming climate conference to be held in the United Arab Emirates later this year. COP28 and its mission to course correct following the much anticipated Global Stocktake is absolutely decisive to limit global heating to 1.5C: COP28 must take decisive action and commit to the phase-out of fossil fuels and the powering up of renewable energy to the tune of 1.5 Terawat yearly installments from 2030.“