October 21, 2021

350.org Response to Alberta Inquiry Report Release

In response to the release of the Government of Alberta’s report into “anti-Alberta energy campaigns” Cam Fenton, Canada Team Lead with 350.org issued this response: 

“Frankly, we’ve already wasted far too much time on the kind of climate denial and delay this report is peddling. The money and time Jason Kenney dumped into this inquiry should have been spent investing in a just transition for Alberta to deal with the reality that the world is acting on climate change and moving away from fossil fuels. The IPCC, the IEA and Canada’s own energy regulator have all echoed the same thing that these so-called “anti-Alberta” campaigns have said for years: that tar sands expansion and a safe climate aren’t compatible and we need governments to respond at the scale of this crisis.”


Contact: Cam Fenton, [email protected], 604-369-2155