June 11, 2021

350.org Response to Canada’s Coal Announcement

Edmonton, AB – In response to the Government of Canada’s announcement that they would not grant federal approvals to new thermal coal projects, 350.org Organizer Emma Jackson issued this response: 


“While this is good news, it makes you wonder if Justin Trudeau and Jonathan Wilkinson think something different happens when you burn coal versus when you burn oil and gas. Fracking and the oil sands represent a climate risk for Canada that is at least as great, if not greater than coal. It’s mind boggling that this government will take these kinds of actions on coal while spending billions of public dollars building the Trans Mountain tar sands expansion pipeline. 


It’s time for Canada to tackle the entire fossil fuel industry. Justin Trudeau can start by passing the Just Transition Act that he promised in 2019 to make sure that no one is left behind when we expand these coal policies to the rest of the fossil fuel sector.”   


Contact: Cam Fenton, [email protected] , 604-369-2155