December 1, 2021’s response to accusations involving former Latin America Directors

In response to the accusations involving two of our former staff from the Latin America regional team, wants to reinforce that we do not condone corruption in any form. works under the values of transparency, accountability and support for climate justice, with our ultimate goal of keeping fossil fuels in the ground. parted ways with Nicole Figueiredo de Oliveira and Juliano Bueno de Araújo on June 1, 2020, and ended all relationships with Arayara Foundation, the organization they now represent. We immediately reached out to and reaffirmed our relationships with other organizations in the climate movement regarding this change in leadership. However, to respect the privacy of current and former staff, we never disclose the reasons why people separate from 

We acknowledge that is accountable for its staff, their actions and for any conduct that does not comply with our values. takes any accusation very seriously, irrespective of individuals’ roles within the organization. In this case, we are committed to adopt all procedures needed to conduct a full investigation into the matter. 

Building coalitions within the climate movement combines our strength and is a vital tactic as we work together to tackle the fossil fuel industry. Challenging dynamics between groups and individuals can be a stumbling block, but this should never steer us away from our number one aim of tackling the fossil fuel industry. 

The climate movement is stronger now than ever, and we can’t lose sight of our ultimate goal: stopping fossil fuels now, everywhere.


For more information or further inquiries, please contact:

Ilan Zugman, Latin America Director

[email protected] / +55 41 99519-2795