May 15, 2015

350 Responds to Canada’s INDC Targets

May 15, 2015
Contact: Graham Reeder, (647) 880-0786

Following the Harper Administration’s release of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions for greenhouse gas reductions ahead of UN climate talks in Paris, spokesman Cameron Fenton issued the following response:

“These targets are a nice gesture, but for now that’s all they are, because the numbers here simply don’t add up. There’s no way Canada can hope to cut emissions by a third while this administration is still pursuing every possible opportunity to dig up the tar sands. Scientists have told us over and over that averting climate disaster means leaving virtually all tar sands in the ground; and until our government starts taking real steps to achieve that, these announcements are little more than pie-in-the-sky PR.

“But our movement isn’t leaving this to the whims of Stephen Harper — which is why this July, we’re bringing together thousands of people across the country to demand more from those in power, and show that people in Canada want a swift and just transition away from fossil fuels and onto renewable energy.” is organizing a national day of action called We > Tar Sands on July 4th and is supporting the March for Jobs, Justice & the Climate on July 5th.