April 9, 2021

350.org on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Failing to Shut Down the Dakota Access Pipeline

Washington D.C. — The Army Corps of Engineers and Energy Transfer held a status call with U.S. District Judge Brian Boasberg regarding the Dakota Access pipeline. The Army Corps did not shut down the pipeline, instead passing the decision back to the courts.

350.org Campaign Strategist Brooke Harper said in response:

“The Biden administration missed a huge opportunity today to take a step towards ensuring a livable future for everyone in this country. The Dakota Access pipeline violates treaty rights and endangers land, water, and communities. The climate crisis is here; we can no longer afford to build polluting, dangerous fossil fuel pipelines and delay a just transition to 100% clean energy. In solidarity with Indigenous water protectors, we call on President Joe Biden to stop the Dakota Access pipeline, Line 3, and all new fossil fuel projects immediately. If Biden wants to be a climate leader on the world stage, he needs to start at home.”