September 26, 2022

After the global climate strikes, students will occupy their schools and universities against the fossil fuel industry 

Thousands all over the world took the streets on Friday 23rd to strike for climate justice. Their next step will be school and university occupations to end the fossil industry under the international action callout “End Fossil: Occupy!” 

On Friday 23rd, thousands took part in strikes across the globe to demand climate justice. After three years of climate strikes, students are now preparing for a more radical step for the international climate justice movement. 

End Fossil: Occupy is an international action callout for students to occupy their schools and universities anytime between September and December 2022. Under the common goal of “[changing] the system by ending the fossil economy at an international level”, hundreds of schools and universities will be occupied all over the world. 

After years of marching and striking, the youth movement feels the need to be more radical: “To occupy is to disrupt normality, and to disrupt is to shout loud and clear to the rest of society that our house is on fire. We will occupy to demand the end of fossil fuels. We will disrupt schools and universities because we can no longer pretend normality is fine: our duty as youth is to fight.” The schools and universities are being targeted because the students believe each group of society should mobilize where it can to build a mass climate justice movement that will win. Thus, we will use the spaces we have – schools and universities – to organize the change of the course of history. 

Anyone from any part of the world can be part of it as long as they do an occupation at a school or university on ending the fossil industry and they follow the 3 action principles: youth-led occupation, climate justice framework for the demands, and occupy until they win the demands. 

Schools and universities will be occupied in cities such as Boston, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Madrid, Oviedo, Grenoble, Leeds, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Zurich, Genf, Bern, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Marburg, Oldenburg, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Aachen, Nurenberg, Darmstadt, Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Copenhagen, Villavicencio, Abidjan, and more. The university of Pennsylvania is currently being occupied. Many of the occupations will start between the last week of October and the first week of November. 

 With different “end fossil” demands in each occupation, students will occupy to end the fossil economy in time to stop the climate crisis – by the end of the decade. 

For more information: 

Use the website map at to reach out to the local occupations and find out about their occupation dates and local contacts. 

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