March 29, 2022 Responds to Canada’s New Climate Plan

Vancouver, British Columbia – In response to the release of Canada’s new Emissions Reduction Plan today, Atiya Jaffar, Canada Digital Manager with issued this statement:

“Once again, this government has delivered a climate plan that doesn’t line up with the science. Justin Trudeau and Stephen Guilbeault are still acting like we have decades, not years, to tackle the climate crisis. Trudeau’s emissions targets are still too low. The cap on oil and gas emissions is also appallingly low and nowhere close to the fossil fuel industry’s fair share. And, this plan will continue climate-wrecking oil and gas expansion despite the warnings of the world’s best climate scientists.

If the Trudeau government is serious about taking action on the climate emergency, they need to introduce the Just Transition Act they promised three years ago. This government is doing too little, and while it isn’t too late yet, climate plans like this are eating up the precious years we have left to phase out our dependence on fossil fuels and shift to a green energy economy.”


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