April 1, 2016

Comart Foundation Commits to Full Fossil Fuel Divestment

The Comart Foundation, a Toronto-based philanthropic organization with over $28 million in assets, announced their commitment to divest from all coal, oil, and gas companies through the following statement:

“The Comart Foundation would like to announce the divestment of its endowment fund from companies engaging directly in the exploration, drilling, refining, transportation and production of oil, gas, and coal. As a charitable foundation, we’re focused on doing our part to help build a better future for all humanity. Fossil fuel divestment is not only a statement of our values but also an action that we feel compelled to make to help address the global climate crisis. We have been encouraged by the early actors in the divestment movement, most notably 350.org, and hope that now our actions will inspire others as well.”


Contact: Cam Fenton, [email protected]