March 30, 2021

Journalists debate how to expand and deepen climate coverage workshop will bring together environmental journalists and NGO communicators to exchange experiences on the production of media outputs



In a world that is literally on fire due to the climate crisis, deepening news coverage of environmental issues is an urgent task. To contribute to this mission, will hold, on April 10, the virtual workshop “Working together to expand and improve media coverage on climate”, which will bring together journalists from the press, NGO communicators and freelancers. The session will discuss experiences and challenges of professionals working in this area.

The workshop is part of the Global Just Recovery Gathering program, a online event happening April 9-11, that will offer more than 200 lectures, conversation circles and musical presentations coordinated by activists and artists from all over the world.

The main common thread in the event programme is the idea that humanity needs to get out of the Covid-19 pandemic better than it entered, from both a socioeconomic and environmental point of view, since the two aspects are completely interconnected.

In this spirit, the workshop for journalists and communicators will raise essential questions about how to better tell the stories related to the climate emergency that the world is experiencing, and how to increase the presence and diversity of impacted communities’ voices in the media.


About the workshop

  • WHEN: April 10th, Saturday, at 4:15 pm (GMT)
  • WHERE: Online meeting (the link will be sent to those who complete the registration)
  • WHO: Open invitation to global journalists working with environmental issues in newsrooms, NGOs, research institutions or as freelancers


Guiding themes

The format of the workshop will be a “structured chat”, that is, the participants will freely exchange experiences with each other based on key questions. These are some of the topics that will guide the conversation:

  • Beyond the press-release – How can civil society and NGOs more effectively share their views with newsrooms, so that the coverage includes narratives that need to be more present?
  • Beyond the traditional spaces – How can NGOs and journalists in vehicles without links to major media groups intensify their exchanges of information, to enrich global media coverage on climate?
  • Beyond the reactive discourse – How can NGO media and communicators work for a purposeful agenda of environmental advances, which goes beyond the reaction to setbacks and governmental agendas?



  • Sign up! – To participate in the workshop, just complete this registration.
  • Zoom link: will send the link to registrants at a date close to the event.
  • More information: 
    • Peri Dias, Communications Manager in Latin America: [email protected] / +591 7899 2202
    • Nathalia Clark, Associate Director of Global Communications at [email protected] / +55 61 991371229
    • Kim Bryan, Associate Director of Global Communications at [email protected] / +447770881503