December 11, 2015

Location Announcement for “Red Lines”: Major Demonstration Planned for Tomorrow


WHAT: A major public demonstrations is planned for this Saturday, 12th December. As the climate talks come to an end,, Attac, Confédération Paysanne, Réseau Sortir du Nucléaire, Climate Games and others[1] are taking the message to the streets tomorrow at 12PM (that is 12.12.12). Defying a ban on public protests that has been implemented in France under the State of Emergency, campaigners are planning for a gathering of thousands.

WHERE: Avenue de la Grande Armée, Arc de Triomphe

WHY: At the start of Avenue de la Grande Armée is the Arc de Triomphe and the grave of the unknown soldier. We will use this place to commemorate known victims of climate change (past and future) and pledge our commitment to continue the fight for climate justice. Thousands will stand along the Avenue to draw a red line with their bodies, signifying our commitment to defend our common homes. The line will point towards the real perpetrators of climate crimes in La Défense, where the headquarters of major fossil fuel companies and their financial backers can be found. The action will be a reminder that there is no complete triumph in the battle against climate change–too much has already been lost–but that any progress will be led by the people, not our politicians.


WHERE: 2 Tunnel de l’Étoile, 75017 Paris —  Google map link here.

WHEN: Saturday December 12 — 11:00am



12:00PM: 30 fog horns will blast mournfully. Hundreds holding red umbrellas will step out into the Avenue de la Grande Armee near the Arc de Triomphe to make a redline with their bodies that should stretch up to 2km along the avenue.

12:10: A samba and brass band will begin to play music, and two 100m long banners will be unfolded, one that says “It’s up to us to leave it in the ground” and the other “Crime Climatique – Stop!”

12:30: Bands stop playing and the foghorns are heard again marking the start of a 2 minute silence for the victims of climate crimes. Thousands of red flowers will be raised in the air. At the end of this moment of silence, protestors will lay their flowers along the red line.

12:40: Band will start playing music again to mark defiance and resistance. A commitment to escalate for 2016 and keep up the fight for climate justice after the Paris talks.

13:00: Final foghorn heard again, marking the end of the mobilisation. Thousands of protesters will dissolve into the city


[1] Additional groups involved in planning D12 include: Reclaim the Power, AITEC, and Climate Justice Action (CJA) and Global Justice Now.