April 13, 2018

350.org on Massachusetts Court Ruling Against Exxon in Climate Case: “Healey has shown unwavering leadership”

Boston, MA —  Today, Massachusetts’ top court rejected ExxonMobil’s attempt to block state Attorney General Maura Healey’s investigation into all that the corporation knew and hid about its role in causing climate change.

In response, Jamie Henn, 350.org Strategic Communications Director, offered the following statement:

“This latest ruling brings us one step closer to holding Exxon and its ilk accountable for lying for decades about its role in causing climate change. In spite of Trump and his fossil fuel fetish, Attorney General Healey has shown unwavering leadership in her commitment to the fossil free world that truly puts our communities first. Let this be a clear sign to California’s AG Xavier Becerra: now’s your chance to get off the stands and onto the court in the fight for climate justice.”

This comes just five months out from the California-based Global Climate Action Summit. Over 30 climate, labor, and community groups have sent a series of letters to California AG Becerra urging him to investigate all that Exxon knew. Earlier this week, Becerra hinted an investigation might be in the works, but failed to take a bold position on the issue. Just yesterday, the trial date of the historic #YouthVGov climate lawsuit was set for October 29 2018.


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