July 24, 2019

Millions gear up to take part in September’s global climate strikes

Millions will take part in global climate strikes on the 20th + 27th September, and the “Week for Future” in between. Organisers say that it is on course to be the largest global mobilization against climate breakdown, with over 6000 people in 150 countries pledging to organise events to date. 

The weeklong movement will surround the UN Climate Summit being held on the 23rd of September in New York, which aims to meet the climate challenge by accelerating actions to implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

A video recorded by Greta Thurnberg,  Bill McKibben and others calling on people to join the climate strikes was released this morning.

“It is time for world leaders to wake up to the truth of the climate crisis. By demonstrating people’s power we will make this week a turning point in history. The climate crisis is an emergency. We have to act like it so we will stop our business as usual and show governments what people want: climate justice.  This September, millions of us will walk out of homes and workplaces onto the streets and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels.”  say school strikers.

The range of actions is huge: from people downing tools and walking out of work to join strikes, rallies, music concerts and marches. From teach ins in libraries, people’s assemblies discussing actions and policies benefiting their local communities, protests targeting fossil fuel companies responsible for the climate crisis, and the banks that fund them; to spending the day raising awareness in communities and pushing for solutions to the climate crisis that have justice and equity at their heart.

“This shouldn’t be just the children’s responsibility. Now, the adults also need to help us. We are calling for them to strike from their work, we need everyone. There is nothing we can’t do, if not you, then who else, if not now, then when?” Greta Thunberg

Support for the strikes and week of future has been growing with parents, academics, bakers, trade unions, doctors, farmers, caretakers, celebrities, and teachers among those organising for September 20-27. 

Unions across the globe are building solidarity with the school strikers and are now gearing up with inspiring action plans to support the climate strikes.

Pioneering companies and banks have also declared themselves closed for business on so employees can join youth strikers in the streets. 

Throughout the week the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice will also take hundreds of actions around the world as part of its annual Reclaim Power mobilisations calling for the transformation of the energy system.

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“I am joining the strikes because I believe it’s time to resist  and to take charge of the future that belongs to us, not to the fossil fuel companies. “A.G. Saño, Philippines – Artist 

“I support the climate strikes  to push climate leaders to act for a brighter future for everyone. – EKPE Dzidodo Koudjo, Chairman of VIVAS FM, a farmer solidarity organisation, Togo

“I’m going to participate in the Global Climate Strikes on September 20th because I believe it’s our responsibility to take care of our house.”Flávia Rugai Freire, Brazil School, Striker

“We need you to be a part of it  because we need every age involved Young people have been leading here  but now it’s the job of the rest of us to back them up.” Bill McKibben 350.org

“Millions of people we work with are already living with the devastating consequences of climate change. For communities across South Asia struggling to survive extreme monsoon rains, floods and landslides, and those in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe whose farmland was destroyed by Cyclone Idai, the climate crisis is part of their everyday lives.

Climate justice means supporting our sisters and brothers in the global south who are already suffering. It’s time for the wealthy countries who have done the most to cause climate change to step up by cutting emissions and providing finance for those most impacted.

 We’ll be working with young people, indigenous communities and rural women – whose experiences are too often overlooked – to rise up and demand climate justice.” Harjeet Singh, ActionAid’s global lead on climate change

“Young people are calling for adults, from trade unionists to those working in the health services, right the way across the UK to join the Global Climate Strike in September.

This will be a pivotal moment to make sure that those in positions of power hear our voices loud and clear; we need urgent action on the climate crisis immediately. Which is why we’re calling for equitable solutions like a Green New Deal that will have economic, social and climate justice at its heart. ”  Ali Shadjareh, London, UK Student Climate Network

“We stand with the youth  who are taking a stance today and raising up their voices to be able to have a real impact.” Joey Bergstein, CEO, Seventh Generation 

“We should act immediately, regardless of governments, corporations, or individuals.” Steven Ko CEO of O’Right 

“At Lush, we’ve always championed environmental justice, and a just transition to renewable energy. We are acutely aware of the urgency of the climate crisis and that’s why we’re participating in the Climate Strike. From now until September we’ll be motivating our customers to join us on the streets and demand that global leaders take bold steps to safeguard our futures.” Brandi Halls, Director of Brand at Lush Cosmetics.

“Multinational corporations aren’t going to give up anything unless we fight.  This is a fight for ourselves, for our future, and for future generations. This is a fight for justice for all: workers, students, parents, teachers, conservatives, liberals, socialists, and everyone else.  We can fight against climate breakdown, and we can fight against environmental destruction. We need to all be part of this, or else the establishment won’t budge. We can do this, if we do this together.” Evan Cholerton, Earth Strike International

“Climate breakdown is one of the greatest human rights issue we face. It means food supplies failing, fuel shortages, dwindling access to drinking water, and homes being swallowed by the sea. It means forced migration and worsening resource conflict. It means more frequent and ferocious natural disasters.  Protesting against climate breakdown is about much more than emissions and scientific metrics – it’s about building a just and sustainable world that works for all of us.

The world needs a global ‘green new deal’ that tackles the root causes of inequality and the climate crisis together. We need a deal based upon the principles of climate justice and universal rights for all.” May Boeve 350.org

I encourage all to support the Global Climate Strikes on September 20th and September 27th to demand immediate climate action. We need everyone on the streets both days to show solidarity for those who are fighting the climate crisis and those who are currently affected by it. This goes beyond tracking emissions – we need to be equally protecting the Amazon and Indigenous peoples as well as make changes to have clean, safe water and land for all animal life. See you on the streets. – Andrea Shaw, Earth Strike

Students led the way, but it’s time for workers to join in. Make no mistake: this is our last chance. As wildfires multiply and food security is already being threatened in some regions, we realize it’s not only our future, but our present safety that’s at stake. Governments must act. And if they don’t, we intend to do whatever’s necessary to force their hand.” François Geoffroy, La Planète s’invite au Parlement

“We need world leaders to wake up to the truth of the climate crisis. And because we don’t have a single year to loose, we’re going to make this week a turning point in history. We young people have understood that the climate crisis is an emergency. And We ask Everyone to act like it, to stop business as usual with us. This September, millions of us across the globe will join us on the streets to demand the end of empty commitment but real change and real climate action””, Luisa Neubauer, Fridays for Future Germany

For years our political “leaders” have delayed real action to tackle climate change with empty promises and dangerous distractions while our communities on the front line suffer the consequences. We need radical change to the global economic system but it’s not going to come from the top. That’s why we must step up our efforts to build the power of our movements around the world and hold those responsible for this crisis to account. We are mobilising to demand that all countries do their fair share of climate action, that rich industrialised countries repay their historical climate debt, that corporate polluters are held to account and prevented from doing further harm, and to reject false solutions in favour of people-led natural climate solutions. We demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies. Keep them in the ground!’  Lidy Nacpil Demand Climate Justice



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