January 27, 2020

350.org US on Trump’s attempts to move forward Keystone XL construction

USA — In response to the Trump administration making moves to push forward construction on the Keystone XL pipeline, Kendall Mackey, 350.org Keep it in the Ground Campaigner, said:
“We know the playbook of Trump’s fossil fueled agenda and we continue to resist it. This latest move only emboldens our steadfast movement of  climate activists, Indigenous communities, landowners, and farmers to escalate our movement to stop this climate wrecking pipeline.  We have blocked the Keystone XL pipeline from being built for 11 years and we will continue this resistance. By not only stopping pipelines like Keystone XL, but going beyond to stop all fossil fuel infrastructure, will we actually achieve the kind of just transition we need.”
This comes after thousands of people were trained in peaceful civil disobedience for the Promise to Protect, and as communities support real climate solutions like Solar XL.