March 18, 2016

Opposition to fracking multiplies across Brazilian communities


SAO PAULO, BRAZIL – The Federal Court in Brazil has just declared the prohibition to use the hydraulic fracturing technology (fracking) to extract fossil fuels in the state of Alagoas. Following Piauí, Sao Paulo, Acre and Paraná, Alagoas thus became the fifth Brazilian state to prohibit fracking in its territory.

This ruling is the result of the efforts of the Coalizão Não Fracking Brasil (No-Fracking Brazil Coalition) to raise awareness and support the state attorney’s office in the process of filing a lawsuit against the National Oil and Gas Agency to prevent shale gas exploration and the allocation of new lands for exploration.

The coalition has held several meetings, public hearings and outreach actions to engage communities and local governments in preventing the use of fracking to keep Brazilian communities, the environment and crucial water resources safe from the threats this technology represent.

Eighty municipalities have committed to fight fracking locally, and 56 cities have already achieved its prohibition through local legal action.

“This is a fight we can win”, stated Nicole Figueiredo de Oliveira, Brazil Team Leader and part of the Coalizão Não Fracking Brasil. “Together with the local governments and the communities, we are winning and we will defeat the fossil fuels industry.”

The Coalizão Não Fracking Brasil along with communities and local partners are now gearing up to take part in the global wave of actions to “Break Free from Fossil Fuels” that will take place this May. Mobilizations across the states of Acre, Ceará, Espíritu Santo and Paraná will highlight the negative impacts of the country’s extractive policies, including oil, gas, fracking and mining, as well as the great potential that the country’s natural resources offer to develop clean energy sources, keep the forests standing and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.


Contact: Jenny Zapata, Global Communications Coordinator, [email protected], +521 614 4277692