March 30, 2023 Statement on H.R. 1, the “Polluters Over People Act”

(Washington D.C.)  Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1, known as the “Polluters Over People Act,” which would exacerbate the climate crisis and the disproportionate harm to frontline communities both through direct climate impacts and by limiting valuable public input in the permitting process of new energy projects. If it became law, H.R. 1 would reverse progress and end new programs set in place by the Inflation Reduction Act, while also undermining critical longstanding environmental law like the National Environmental Policy Act. H.R. 1 would also repeal the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, which dedicates a majority of funds to projects that reduce pollution in disadvantaged communities.

Jeff Ordower,’s North America Director, responded:

“The ‘Polluters Over People Act’ is a direct attack on climate justice and on key programs to protect frontline communities from the impacts of climate chaos. While we are glad that President Biden has vowed to veto H.R. 1 if it gets to his desk, he—and many supposed climate champions in Congress as well—have already shown their willingness to compromise on promises made to frontline communities. We call on the Senate and President Biden to continue to reject H.R. 1 in full and ensure that we don’t reverse or slow our progress by clearing the path to new fossil fuel projects and limiting community oversight. Scientists have been crystal clear: we must end ALL extraction of fossil fuels now and switch to 100% justly sourced, justly implemented renewable energy. We must reject H.R. 1 and any attempts to put profit and polluters over people and planet.”


Press Contact: Melanie Smith, [email protected]