May 5, 2023

Organizations Join in Solidarity with the #StopCopCity Activists Facing Terrorism Charges

(Atlanta, Georgia)

25 organizations across the United States, including Center for Popular Democracy and Greenpeace USA, joined in signing on to the following statement of solidarity with the ongoing Atlanta movement to Stop Cop City

“Concerning the terrorism charges that the state is prosecuting against 42 land defenders in Georgia, and the state threats of a racketeering and conspiracy investigation:

We unconditionally condemn the State of Georgia’s allegation that public protest is terrorism, and that the act of a community organizing to oppose a contentious project is implied to be organized crime. 

The State of Georgia charging protestors with terrorism and threats of RICO are direct violations of the rights to free assembly and protest, and are specifically designed to repress opposition to Cop City. 

We demand that the Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr, and the DeKalb and Fulton County District Attorneys Sherry Boston and Fanni Willis drop the charges.”

Signatories include:
Center For Popular Democracy
Greenpeace USA
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada 
Hometown Action
Pennsylvania Stands Up
TakeAction Minnesota
Resist the Pipeline
The Outrage
Micronesia Climate Change Alliance
Primavera Zur
Ground Game LA
Maine Access Points
JUST: Justice, Unity, and Social Transformation 
UnitarianUniversalist Fellowship of Hidalgo County Texas
Activists With A Purpose Plus
Classical High School Debate Team
Zion United Methodist church
Safe and Sound
One Degree Education 
Parallax Perspectives
The Ecotopian Society
The Citadel Group, Inc.
Bold Diversity Solutions
The Lusory


Press Contact: Melanie Smith, [email protected], (917) 408-3145