November 4, 2020

The World Deserves A Fighting Chance

The United States legally leaves the Paris Climate Agreement.

The day after polls closed in the US presidential elections, the United States has legally left the Paris Climate Agreement. Whilst ballots are still being counted, it’s undeniable that climate change has been an issue of importance for people in the US

“A Just Recovery from the global pandemic and climate crisis begins with protecting the integrity of elections – every vote must be counted before the election is declared,” said May Boeve Executive Director,

The next four years play a critical role in the fight to tackle the climate crisis. The United States is the second-largest emitter worldwide and its promised emissions cuts accounted for about 20 percent of global reductions. The US directly subsidises the fossil fuel industry approximately US$20 billion per year.

“The US withdrawal has huge implications for the rest of the world in terms of tackling the climate crisis. The US leaving the Paris climate agreement demonstrates what’s at stake in this election.  What we need now is all hands on deck for global climate leadership.” May Boeve Executive Director, 

If the US exit from the Paris climate deal became permanent, it would threaten to further weaken its enforcement measures and undermine the resolve of other countries to make their own tough cuts. 

One of the world’s largest economies further backsliding could seriously jeopardize the efforts already underway to mitigate the changes in climate that are causing extensive damage to lives and livelihoods. On the global stage, a protracted lack of leadership on climate from the US also risks sabotaging other areas such as trade, human rights. 

“Whatever the final result of the election, don’t count the United States out. Despite the U.S. federal government officially leaving the Paris Agreement, there are millions of Americans who reject this regression, are committed to climate justice, and are demanding that the US as a whole – including cities, states and banks- uphold the goals of Paris and go beyond. We must redouble our efforts and focus on bringing down the pillars of support of the fossil fuel economy in the US and globally and fight for our right to a clean, safe, abundant and just future.”  May Boeve, Executive Director 

Whilst global governments have stumbled to bring the overarching action needed to tackle the climate crisis, across the globe a huge and diverse movement, demanding climate justice and bold climate action is growing and setting forth a clear, collective vision. The vast majority of people want social and economic transformation rooted in a transition to renewable energy sources, including seven out of ten US voters; now our elected officials must build the political will, step up to the people and the planet. 501 (c3) is a non-partisan nonprofit organization and as such this press statement is not an endorsement of any candidate


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