October 13, 2021

Trudeau Needs to Choose – 1.5ºC or Fossil Fuels.

Edmonton, AB – In response to the release of the International Energy Agency’s 2021 World Energy Outlook report, Emma Jackson, an organizer with 350.org in Canada issued this response: 

“This report makes it clear that Justin Trudeau has to choose between fossil fuel expansion and keeping his climate promises. Since meeting a 1.5ºC climate target requires an end to fossil fuel investment and expansion, Canada needs this government to pick up the pace when it comes to delivering a Just Transition Act. It’s been two years since Justin Trudeau promised the Act and we still don’t know when this legislation will be tabled or if it will do what is necessary by guaranteeing good union jobs, putting people first and actually matching the scale of the climate crisis.” 

Clayton Thomas-Müller, another 350.org campaigner, added,

“The latest IEA report raises major questions about why the government is not just building the TransMountain and Coastal Gaslink pipelines, but currently deploying the RCMP to force them through Indigenous lands. Building these projects doesn’t fit with meeting a 1.5ºC climate target and it’s time for the government to put a pause on construction and deal with that.” 


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