August 23, 2023

Charlottetown residents confront Prime Minister Trudeau about climate inaction outside cabinet retreat

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Earlier today, community members concerned about the climate crisis and the Trudeau government’s ongoing support for the fossil fuel industry rallied outside the federal cabinet retreat in downtown Charlottetown to send the Prime Minister a clear message: there is no “strong future” on a burning planet.

“We know that fossil fuel companies are driving the climate crisis, and our federal government is not only failing to hold them accountable, they’re enabling them,” said Jill MacIntyre, a local organizer with 350 Canada. “Trudeau says he’s delivering climate action, but he’s still pouring billions annually into the oil and gas sector, and greenlighting new fossil fuel expansion projects. Enough is enough”

Federal cabinet ministers were in Charlottetown this week for their annual retreat, billed as a chance to plan a “strong future” for Canadians. The meeting took place as an unprecedented wildfire crisis unfolds in the Northwest Territories and British Columbia, where out-of-control fires have forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate — including all 20,000 residents of Yellowknife.

“Unprecedented wildfires have burned over 14 million hectares of land across Canada this summer. In the Northwest Territories alone, wildfires consumed an area that’s over 4 times the size of PEI. The climate emergency is escalating all around us and it’s time for our government to act like it,” MacIntyre said. “Instead of wasting billions of public dollars on projects like the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Trudeau should be doubling down on renewable energy and investing directly in the communities and workers bearing the brunt of this crisis.”

The rally also acknowledged how climate change has harmed Prince Edward Island. Residents talked about the impacts of Hurricane Fiona on their lives, and their fears about future climate impacts. With experts predicting a destructive hurricane season on the horizon due to warming Atlantic temperatures, it’s clear that the climate crisis is a top concern for the people of PEI.


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