September 24, 2019 US on Donald Trump’s United Nations remarks

New York, NY — Four days after more than four million people participated in the epic youth-led Global Climate Strikes, Donald Trump used his remarks at the United Nations to spout hate and division. This comes as people across the US and around the world take escalated action to stop toxic fossil fuel projects and build a fossil free world that puts our health and safety first.

In response, May Boeve, Executive Director, said:

“Trump is taking a page straight out of the deception playbook of his fossil fuel billionaire friends, attempting to evade roaring demands for climate action. The lack of political will from the US federal government is astounding and offensive. While Trump uses this moment to stoke xenophobia, racism, and hate, millions of people are coming together across our differences to fight for a world that truly puts our communities first. 

“Despite Trump’s denial, momentum is on our side. Days after millions joined Global Climate Strikes, people across the US — from Minnesota and New Hampshire to Colorado, Oregon, and beyond — are taking action for a world free from fossil fuels. World governments won’t deliver the transformative action on the climate crisis that science and justice demand, so we will keep rising up until frontline communities, workers, youth, and all of us have a safe and livable future.”


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