December 2, 2023 Responds to VP Harris’ Speech at COP28

GLOBAL – The U.S. is currently the world’s largest producer and exporter of oil and gas, outpacing Russia and Saudi Arabia, and has historically played a disproportionate role in causing and exacerbating the climate crisis with a disproportionate impact on countries in the Global South.

US Vice President Harris, who attended COP28 last minute after pressure on the Biden administration to take COP28 more seriously, gave two speeches today in Dubai. Her speeches included a pledge of $3 billion for the global Green Climate Fund and more financial support for renewable energy around the globe, but she did not mention a rapid phaseout of fossil fuels.

JL Andrepont, Senior Policy Analyst responds:

“VP Harris’ speech at COP28 is a cautious but hopeful sign of the power of public pressure: pressure on the administration was why Harris was at COP28, and why the US has now finally pledged an additional $3 billion for the global Green Climate Fund. We have long pushed for the US to take more responsibility for its role in the climate crisis, and this is a step in the right direction. If the money becomes more than just a pledge, this will be another significant investment in addressing the global climate crisis. But we need to keep the pressure on the administration to make sure this becomes action and is followed by even more firm commitments.

Most importantly, here’s the key global demand that Harris didn’t mention in her speech: a phaseout of fossil fuels. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is touting their investment in dangerous distractions like nuclear and ways to minimize methane gas emissions without actually stopping the burning/exporting of fossil gas. So we will continue to celebrate the global wins that support justly sourced and implemented renewable energy for all and we won’t stop advocating for a fast, full phase out of all fossil fuels, including oil and gas.”


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