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Building Momentum for a Coal-Free Turkiye by 2030

Building on their momentum in transformative environmental campaigns, 350 Türkiye  continued to lead the charge towards a sustainable future for Türkiye  through strategic advocacy and grassroots mobilization. In a series of impactful actions, they tackled various challenges posed by coal mining and advocated for cleaner energy alternatives.

  • The launch of the Coal Phase-Out by 2030 campaign saw 17 grassroots organizations unite under a common goal: urging Türkiye to declare a coal phase-out policy by 2030. Coordinated by 350 Türkiye, the Initiative Against Fossil Fuels coalition amplified the urgency of transitioning away from coal. With careful coordination and strategic planning, the campaign successfully garnered national attention, putting pressure on decision-makers to prioritize solutions.
  • 350 Türkiye  rallied against a new mining regulation threatening precious olive groves. Collaborating with local and national organizations, they launched the “Olive is Life” petition,uniting public support to protect these vital ecosystems. Through advocacy efforts and community engagement, the organization successfully influenced policy decisions, leading to the withdrawal of the detrimental mining regulation.
  • In Avdan, where villagers faced imminent threats from coal mine expansion, 350 Türkiye stood in solidarity with the affected communities. Partnering with the Avdan Platform, they amplified the villagers’ voices, advocating for their right to livelihood and environmental preservation. As a result, urgent expropriation plans were suspended by the court, marking a significant triumph for local communities and environmental justice.
  • 350 Türkiye continues supporting communities opposing coal expansion. Collaborating with İkizköy villagers, CAN – Europe, and the Milas City Council, working together launched the Milas Beyond Coal report and website, offering a just transition roadmap away from coal. The report highlights local alternatives like olive oil production and renewable energy to mitigate job loss. When a coal mining company began cutting down trees in Akbelen Forest, endangering İkizköy village, 350 Turkiye initiated the “Don’t Touch Akbelen ” petition, gaining over 30,000 supporters in a month. Despite challenges, İkizköy  villagers persist in their fight against coal, supported by 350 Türkiye.

350 Türkiye’s unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit yielded tangible victories, demonstrating the power of grassroots movements in driving positive change. Through collective action and advocacy, they continue to pave the way towards a coal-free and sustainable future for Türkiye.

Coal Divestment: A Triumph for Climate Activism

Türkiye is witnessing a pivotal moment in its financial sector as multiple banks yield to increasing pressure and commit to divesting from coal, marking a significant victory for climate activism. In 2023 QNB Finansbank, The Turkish Economy Bank and Şekerbank committed to stop funding coal investments, highlighting the growing influence of environmental advocacy in shaping financial decisions.

Through the release of comprehensive bank reports and by the creation of public awareness, activists from 350 Türkiye and our partners persuaded the banks to prioritize sustainable investments and distance themselves from fossil fuels. Similarly, after 350 staff attended several Annual General Meetings (AGMs) to advocate for environmentally responsible banking practices. Şekerbank announced in July 2023 that it would stop investing in coal projects, highlighting the effectiveness of activist shareholder engagement. As Türkiye’s banks increasingly shift away from coal and adopt renewable energy sources, the pace towards a more sustainable future gains speed.



Sparking Change: Bangladesh’s Green New Deal

In the heart of South Asia, Bangladesh faces the dual crises of inequality and climate change, but from this turmoil emerges the Green New Deal initiative. Known locally as নয়া সবুজ চুক্তি, it galvanizes the youth towards a cleaner future.

Led by 350 Bangladesh, the movement orchestrates climate strikes and educational sessions. In Satkhira, women lead weekly climate strikes and educational classes, while Kustia hosts workshops empowering local leaders. 350’s support fueled the movement, providing expertise, training, and funds. Together, we champion a transition to renewables, advocating the cancellation of coal projects and a shift to solar energy by 2050.

Though the Energy Ministry’s proposal to cancel coal plants is a positive step, we must reject gas and embrace renewables outright. Bangladesh’s Green New Deal offers hope amidst adversity. It symbolizes grassroots power and the triumph of optimism. Let it inspire a cleaner, fairer world for all.

Paving the Way for Climate Solutions in Asia

350.org demonstrated unwavering commitment to climate justice through strategic campaigns and impactful collaborations. In 2023, 350.org rallied communities, activists, and organizations throughout Asia to push for meaningful action:

  • The Climate Rangers Camp 2023, hosted in January 2023 was a training for 30 young Indonesian activists, marking the beginning of a grassroots movement for renewable energy solutions. Empowering these youth leaders with the knowledge and skills to drive community-led renewable energy projects, 350.org laid the groundwork for a sustainable transition in regions like Java, Bali, and Sumba.
  • Our partnership in the Go Clean ICBC coalition underscored the urgency of reevaluating global energy finance practices. Through research evaluation and advocacy efforts, we spotlighted discrepancies in the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s investments. By urging shareholders to prioritize renewable energy commitments, we advocated for tangible shifts towards climate leadership.
  • Building on the success of previous campaigns, 350.org Pilipinas led protests across 13 Asian cities, demanding a shift from fossil fuel reliance to renewable energy sources. These collective actions are designed  to pressure governments and institutions, such as the Asian Development Bank, to prioritize sustainable energy projects.
  • At the G7 Summit in Japan, 350.org rallied diverse country teams and volunteers to amplify demands for systemic changes in energy transition and climate justice. While not all demands have been met, the engagement garnered widespread media coverage and catalyzed critical conversations on Japan’s role in climate solutions. Through collaboration with partners, we laid the groundwork for future global actions, signaling a clear push for change.
  • Amidst the post-pandemic landscape, our hybrid training approach empowered young people and activists with skills for community-led initiatives. The Asia Solidarity Lab (ASL) fellowship, spanning nine countries, formed a core group driving critical mobilization efforts. Through ASL Online sessions, participants gained insights tailored to regional contexts, fostering a network poised for impactful action.

Our Global Partners

We are profoundly thankful for the steadfast support and collaboration of our partners, whose significant contributions have been pivotal to 350 Asia and Turkey’s success. We've proudly included their names in our 2023 reflection to honor their vital role and express our appreciation.

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