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The Pacific’s Journey Towards a Fossil Fuel-Free Future

In 2023, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Tonga, Fiji, Niue, and the Solomon Pacific Islands found themselves on the frontlines of climate catastrophe once again, recovering from the aftermath of severe cyclones and earthquakes.

The Pacific Islanders responded in characteristic collaborative fashion, bringing together  350.org, Pacific Islands Climate Action Network and Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty, together rallying the governments of Pacific Island nations to commit to a “Fossil Fuel Free Pacific.” Our collective efforts resulted in a groundbreaking agreement that marks a significant shift towards renewable energy solutions, crucial for mitigating further climate disasters.

At the heart of the intervention lies a dedication to amplifying the voices of those most affected by the climate crisis. Through strategic advocacy, the Pacific Climate Warriors have championed the voices of leadership from their own communities, and led renewable energy initiatives tailored to their unique needs.

By mobilizing global support for the phase out of fossil fuels and calling for expanded climate financing to lower-income nations, 350.org is ensuring that vulnerable nations are poised to receive the resources necessary to transition to renewable energy sources.


Empowering Pacific Communities to Combat Climate Crisis

In the heart of the Pacific, where the effects of climate change are felt most acutely, a beacon of hope has emerged. The Kato Pacific Community Climate Fund stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of Pacific Island communities in the face of a looming crisis.

The launch of Kato, meaning Basket in Fiji, marks a turning point in the fight against climate change in the Pacific. Born out of the collective efforts of civil society organizations, local leaders and hosted by 350.org, Kato is designed to be simple, clear, and accessible to all. It represents a departure from traditional top-down approaches, instead putting power directly into the hands of the communities most affected by climate change.

Endorsed by key figures like Minister Seve Paeniu from Tuvalu, Kato has garnered widespread support and momentum. From the original community consultations in 2022 to the 2023 gatherings in Fiji, the groundswell of enthusiasm for Kato is tangible.

But Kato is more than just a fund—it’s a symbol of hope and resilience. It embodies the Pacific spirit of community and solidarity, offering a lifeline to those facing the harsh realities of a changing climate.

Kato serves as a model for community-led solutions and is a reminder that in the face of adversity, collective action can pave the way for a brighter future.

From Grassroots to Global Impact: 350.org Celebrates Win Against Whitehaven Coal

Communities across the Pacific region have dealt a significant blow to the fossil fuel industry. Whitehaven Coal, a major player in Australia’s coal sector, had a significant  setback as its $1 billion rotating debt facility expired, effectively stalling its expansion plans. This landmark achievement underscores the formidable power of grassroots movements, with the Move Beyond Coal initiative leading the charge, mobilizing communities in over 60 locations to campaign against Whitehaven Coal’s destructive practices.

The Move Beyond Coal movement, in collaboration with 350.org, mobilized communities in over 60 locations to campaign against Whitehaven Coal’s destructive practices. Through relentless advocacy efforts, including protests, social media campaigns, and engagement with financial institutions, activists successfully pressured banks like the National Australia Bank (NAB) to withdraw their financing of Whitehaven Coal.

The expiration of Whitehaven Coal’s debt facility marks a crucial step towards safeguarding people’s lives, livelihoods, and precious ecosystems.

This achievement sends a powerful message to the coal industry, financial institutions, and governments worldwide. It demonstrates that people power can effectively challenge the status quo and hold powerful actors accountable for their contributions to the climate crisis.

While celebrating this milestone, it’s essential to recognize that the work is far from over. The Move Beyond Coal movement continues to push for an end to all new coal projects and a swift transition to renewable energy.

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We are profoundly thankful for the steadfast support and collaboration of our partners, whose significant contributions have been pivotal to 350 Pacific’s success. We've proudly included their names in our 2023 reflection to honor their vital role and express our appreciation.

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