No, we haven’t gone corporate. But GOOD magazine has recently begun distributing “GOOD Sheets”—a provocative single page infographic—in Starbucks locations everywhere.

The first in their line-up is “CO2 World”—a beautifully designed poster that is chock full of data. In a column labeled “The Bad News” is this tasty tidbit: “The safe level of CO2 is no more than 350 parts per million.“ Looks like folks are starting to catching on.

A couple downsides: this fact (about the most important number on earth) was given underneath an icon depicting skull and crossbones. It’s true, an unstable climate has caused misery and death—which is why 350 is actually a beacon of hope and life. The skull should be a wind turbine, the crossbones a healthy, thriving community.

And in the “Now What” column, the infographic tells us to ”Take Public Transportation” and “Recycle. “ Good steps, surely, but where’s “Organize,” “Vote,” or “Build a Global Movement.” Or even: “Signup on and tell all your friends.” But I suppose that’s too much to ask…ah well, it’s a start. Bravo GOOD!

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