“Taking part in this collective action restored some hope in each of us.”Mathieu Munsch on taking part in Break Free 2016.

There are few better ways to build hope than taking action together. Following hot on the heels of 280 amazing actions as part of the Global Divestment Mobilisation, take a look at this packed calendar of climate camps and collective actions coming up this summer.

It’s going to be creative, courageous, and beautiful — and it’s already begun with camps and actions in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and Poland.

With the Global Divestment Mobilisation, we showed that it’s unacceptable for our institutions to invest in fossil fuels. And this summer, the climate movement is organising to challenge major fossil fuel projects directly. These are our red lines in action. In Paris, the climate movement committed to organise to keep fossil fuels in the ground, even if our governments would not — and it’s happening.

Coming up/happening now:

Rolling resistance in Lancashire, UK, July 1-30

Works have started to prepare the first commercial fracking site in the UK at Preston New Road in Lancashire. This summer, Reclaim the Power are mobilising and supporting people to join the incredible local resistance efforts in a ‘Rolling Resistance’ for the whole month of July. Join a mass demo, build your own blockade or help making the tea – everyone is welcome.

Climate Camp Sweden, August 3-7

The climate movement in Sweden is joining forces against new fossil fuel development, to help Sweden reach its ambition of becoming a fossil free country. This August 3-7, Fossil Free Sweden, Friends of the Earth, Nature and Youth Sweden and the local campaign group Fossilgasfällan are organising a climate action camp near Gothenburg, the site for a new proposed gas terminal.

There will be workshops and discussions exploring the issue of fossil fuel infrastructure in Sweden and the Baltics, trainings to skill up for an exciting collective action during the camp, and planning of future organising to build solutions to the climate crisis.

Climate camp in France, August 4-15

After the success of last summer’s camp, a coalition by Alternatiba, Les Amis de la Terre, and Action non-violente COP21 plan for the next climate camp in Maury, France.

Ende Gelande & climate camp, Rhineland, Germany, August 18 – 29

Right on the edge of some of the nastiest coal mines in Europe, near Cologne, there will be another climate camp this year, as well as a mass action of civil disobedience (Ende Gelände) to block the mine infrastructure. There will be a red line action around the Hambach Forest, too. And lots more!

The camp, August 18 – 29, will be a space for networking, education, arts and actions, and trying out tomorrow’s society right now – social, ecological and based on grassroots democracy. There will be cycle tours to the camp from Vienna (leaving in July), from the UK and the Netherlands (leaving in August) and from the Climate Camp in Sweden (leaving in August).

What’s already happened:

Lausitzcamp on Tour, Lusatia coalfields, Germany/Poland, May 21-28

The big Ende Gelände actions are in the Rhineland coalfields this year, but resistance has been taking place in Lusatia, too. A cycle ride happened May 21-28, through the mining region in Germany and Poland, camping and visiting local anti-coal initiatives on the way, connecting the dots and growing the movement. See the news from the ride.

Klimacamp, Enzersdorf an der Fischa (near Vienna), Austria, May 24-28

In February, the Austrian courts decided that the third runway at the airport Vienna must not be built, because it is in direct opposition to emission reduction goals. However, many Austrian politicians are still in favour of the airport expansion.

At the camp, there were workshops, talks, discussions, and a creative action on May 27 against the expansion of the airport, as well as a diverse evening program, with live music, theatre, and partying!

Take a look at the photos from the camp and action.


CODE ROOD: Mass climate civil disobedience action in the port of Amsterdam, Netherlands, Saturday June 24

300 people took part in a powerful civil disobedience action to shut down the western harbour of Amsterdam, the world’s largest gasoline harbour and Europe’s second largest coal port — and many more joined a solidarity action outside the port.

Here’s one of the participants talking about the experience:

And some video highlights from the action itself:

Climate Camp near Most, Czech Republic, June 21-25

Limity jsme my movement (We are the limits) organised the very first climate camp in the Czech Republic. 300+ people gathered in the North-bohemian mining region to share experiences, have fun protesting and to non-violently disrupt the operation of one of the nearby mines or power-plants — successfully bringing three mines in the area to a halt.


See more photos


All of these diverse, creative camps and actions share a common goal: to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

If we keep organising like this, a historic shift in our energy system is in sight. I hope you can be a part of it.

PS. Do you have info or actions to add to this list? Get in touch

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