1.5°C = stop funding fossil gas

To stay below 1.5°C warming, we need to break the bonds between banks and fossil fuels. Now.

Demand they stop financing coal, oil and gas

Major European banks are funding climate chaos – by financing new fossil fuels, such as the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, and other gas infrastructure.

On and around 13 October people across the world are taking action against fossil gas and fracking.

You can help the on-the-ground resistance by taking action and adding pressure online.

Pick your target, click on an icon to send a message on Twitter, leave a comment on their Facebook post, or email their headquarters.

Demand the banks act in line with climate science, and immediately stop financing for fossil gas. Demand they pledge not to fund any new fossil fuels. Tell them why this is important to you, and to the future of the climate.

We’ve proposed some sample text, but the best messages are personal, so customise away!

Tell the European Investment Bank not to fund gas!


Ask Societé Generale: don’t finance TAP!

Tell Intesa Bank to stop supporting fossil fuels!

Ask Barclays: stop financing fracking for shale gas!

Defund Fossil Fuels: a European Guide Learn about how banks are financing fossil fuels - and who are the worst offenders.Read more:

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