350 Allies for the Earth
Claire Jaillard / 350.org

If you believe we have no time to waste in fighting climate change and are ready to do more, join 350 Allies for the Earth.

This is how our most fiercely dedicated supporters provide the critical support we need to achieve extraordinary things. 

When you join 350 Allies for the Earth, you’ll be powering activists standing up for a safe climate and a better future. You support goes directly to:

  • Community-driven climate campaigns targeting dirty coal, oil, and fossil gas plants and pipeline projects;
  • Training the next generation of climate activists and leaders;
  • Building 100 percent renewable energy projects in countries around the globe.

Make a gift of $1,000 or more per year – break your gift up monthly or give it all at once, whatever works for you. Because we need you with us. There is no time to spare.

Join 350 Allies for the Earth

When you join 350 Allies for the Earth, you’ll also receive extensive program benefits including:

  1. Exclusive invitations to special events and webinars;
  2. Opportunities to ask questions directly of campaign and executive staff;
  3. Insider information on our work fighting climate change all over the world;
  4. Direct access to a 350.org staff member who is your personal liaison, to answer questions and hear your feedback;
  5. Advanced access to 350.org updates, reports, and more.
For more information or to make your gift over the phone, please contact our Fundraising Officer, Carly Brownell, at [email protected] or 856-335-7928.

Join 350 Allies for the Earth