Asian Leaders, We Demand Real Climate Action

Stronger Ambition, Not False Solutions

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Asian Leaders, We Demand Real Climate Action

During the climate meeting COP26 in Glasgow, Asian countries announce their climate targets to reduce emissions. 

But their pledges are vague and still rely on false solutions. We need a clear pathway and no more empty promises to save our planet.  

The solutions are clear. Join us and demand that countries keep their promise to limit warming to 1.5°C by defunding the fossil fuel industry.

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Stronger Ambition, No False Solutions

Almost six years after the climate momentum in the Paris Agreement, we didn’t see significant changes in our climate leadership. World leaders are failing to uphold their commitments that will keep our planet from catastrophic climate crises.

Real climate leadership to limit warming to 1.5°C means no funding for fossil fuels, and keeping them in the ground. We need bold and true commitments, not false solutions and empty promises.

The COP26 in Glasgow is the first time parties are expected to commit to bolder ambitions since the Paris Agreement in 2015. Countries are meeting at a crucial moment to push for fair, ambitious and binding emissions reduction targets under their nationally determined contributions.


During the climate talk COP26 in Glasgow we witness many pledges from countries in Asia with the ambition for emission reduction. Some Asian countries also announce their net-zero emission target in 2050, 2060 or 2070–far too late before we can save the planet.

Net zero goals don’t mean anything, if they bank on false unproven technologies (such as Japan’s pledge) or broken promises of emission reduction. Coal moratorium pledges that allow the industry to infringe upon human rights are empty symbols, if the countries do not submit ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) for climate justice.

We must shed false solutions in favor of indigenous knowledge and respect the rights of communities. We need stronger climate leadership, from banks, governments and financial institutions, who will cut ties with the fossil fuels industry.

Right now, Asian governments find themselves at a critical juncture, whether or not they will choose to continue from the status quo of pollution and the climate emergency, or pave the way for a new low carbon economy that works for everyone.

Help them to make their decision.

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