As we’ve been learning, breaking up with fossil fuels isn’t as hard as Big Oil wants us to think.

To help you get out of the relationships you don’t want anymore – we came up with 7 of the best fossil fuel break up lines to help you this Global Divestment Day.

Enjoy! #fossilfuelbreakuplines (Share your own on social media if you want!)



1) Is it hot in here or is this relationship (to fossil fuels) suffocating me?


2) Its not you.. It’s me… I don’t want to perpetuate climate destruction.


3) We’re just at different points in our lives. You want to keep on burning carbon, and I just don’t.


4) I need to find myself and I just can’t do that with you controlling our economy.


5) I’m tired of trying to warm that coal-d heart of yours baby, this oil-d song and dance just isn’t working anymore.


6) There’s just no room in this big blue world for tar-crossed lovers these days, I need something new.


7) You keep telling me you’re going beyond petroleum but where’s the real change, I need substance, not just pretty words.


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