We’re winning!

Last night the government’s dangerous new policing bill suffered fourteen defeats in the House of Lords.1

This means proposals to increase stop and search powers and prevent protesters from locking on to things have all been quashed.

This is a massive win and it’s thanks to a whole movement of us resisting together. That includes people like you signing petitions, sharing the news and organising on the ground to reject this dangerous bill that poses a real threat to our democracy.

The fight against this Bill is not over. As things stand, some of the most dangerous parts of the Bill have been stopped, but the rest of it will still become law. The government could also try to re-introduce some of the parts that have been defeated, including the threat to criminalise noisy protest.

London, UK. 29 October 2021. Youth strikers gather outside Standard Chartered in the City of London to demand that a stop to funding fossil fuels.


This bill looked to not only remove our rights to protest, but also to criminalise the ways of life of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities. We must continue to stand with these communities and keep fighting the bill as it progresses through the next stages. We have to be ready to keep fighting.

We’ll be in touch soon to tell you how we can keep resisting this bill, together, but for now please help us share the good news.

These wins should be celebrated and, more importantly, we must continue to use our hard-won rights to resist injustice everywhere.



1: BBC

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