350 Day of Action in Potosi, BoliviaCivil society movements, progressive governments, and all who believe a new path forward is needed after Copenhagen are gearing up for this month's World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, organized by the Bolivian government and set to happen April 19-22 in the city of Cochabamba.  Bolivia has been one of the few countries to call out the Copenhagen Accord for its weakness, and to demand a new way forward that respects the science of climate change, the rights of Mother Earth, and believes in working with citizens – not corporate interests – to find solutions.  This week we have some exciting news about the conference – some media, and our plans for how we'll be supporting and plugging in.

Op-ed from Bill McKibben in the Huffington Post today – "Bless Bolivia for Recharging the Fight to Rescue Our Climate"

An excerpt: "Thank heaven, then, for the nations like Bolivia willing to work alongside civil society (instead of lock normal people out of the hall, as the UN did in Copenhagen). In fact, "work" is the key word for this year. At 350.org, we're organizing a huge Global Work Party for October 10 (10/10/10!)…[the] process begins in April in Bolivia. The world's leaders haven't led, so we're going to have to lead for them. It's going to be a fight, and it's on now."

Quotes from 350 Bolivia organizers in IPS – "Climate Change: from Copenhagen to Cochabamba"

An excerpt: "For a long time, the voices of indigenous peoples and social organisations have not been heard. Their movement has been growing underground, in rural areas and the outlying suburbs of cities," environmentalist Carmen Capriles, of the Bolivian chapter of Campaign 350.org, told IPS.

350's Plans for Bolivia – Visit the web page here>>

With our allies from Bolivia and around South America, 350 will be hosting a self-organized event at the conference to tell stories of the global movement and plan for 2010, Bill McKibben will be speaking on the Climate Science panel via webcast, and we will be hosting a Latin America regional youth meeting to build capacity and plan for 2010.

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